A new dimension of relaxing, learning, being happy.

Casa León Royal Retreat

For more performance, health and love of life

The longing for personal responsibility for health is greater in us than ever before. In a society that is constantly under stress, there is often not enough time for the regeneration of body, mind and soul.

At Casa León Royal Retreat we dedicate ourselves to these very areas of life that are often neglected. Because for a healthy and happy life, not only physical fitness and a healthy diet are important, but also moments of peace, creative development, spiritual experiences and positive emotions.

Together with our guests, we set the course for a balanced everyday life that simply does you good. You will be surprised how much energy and joy you have when you find time for yourself and your health.

Our retreat offer for you


In harmony with body, mind and soul. Enjoy this soothing time out.


Relax among lush vegetation and views of a picturesque landscape.


Come to rest, switch off from everyday life in a soothing and healthy atmosphere.

Nature & mountains

Experience a breathtaking nature and get to know Gran Canaria on hikes.

Well-being garden

Relax almost like in the garden of eden

There are few places where you can find gardens with magical corners where mind, body and soul are surrounded by so much peace.

Casa León Royal Retreat’s manicured gardens consist mainly of native Canarian flora.

The colors are maintained throughout the year and from there you can enjoy a wonderful view of Maspalomas.

It is, of course, the favorite place of some birds that have also chosen us as their little family and live in perfect harmony with us.

Together with you, we set the course for a balanced everyday life that simply does you good. You will be amazed at how much energy and joy are slumbering inside you.