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Retreat on
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Discover yoga, meditation, spa and wellness at Casa León Royal Retreat

Experience new energy and inner strength

Casa León Royal Retreat as a place of retreat

Whether for individuals or groups, Casa León Royal Retreat is the perfect place for your retreat. Our location with views of the mountains and the sea, the warm temperatures all year round, the peace that surrounds our house and our excellent service ensure physical and mental relaxation and revitalization.
At Casa León Royal Retreat you have everything you need for an unforgettable retreat in Gran Canaria: from relaxing by the pool to active sports – all without having to leave the resort. Discover our range of yoga, meditation and holistic activities and treatments and take the opportunity to revitalize yourself, find inner peace and experience profound transformation.
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The magic of our retreat offers

We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique experience and feel the magic, be inspired and reconnect with yourself in an environment of peace and serenity. Imagine having breakfast after a meditation session in the middle of our gardens with a wonderful view of the Atlantic. Feel like you are in paradise.

In our house you can take part in daily activities such as yoga, meditation and other energetic offerings to restore your energy and vitality. You can also take walks and hikes in the area, visiting places with incredible views.

  • Peaceful Environment:An atmosphere of peace and seclusion awaits you in a tranquil setting surrounded by nature at Casa Leon Royal Retreat. Enjoy the singing of birds or the gentle breeze that hugs the mountain while the sun’s rays caress your skin.
  • Relax-Gartenbereiche: Entdecken Sie die Gartenbereiche, die unser Haus bietet. Wir haben eine große Gartenfläche, in der Sie sich ausruhen und neue Energie für den Tag tanken können.
  • Yoga room: Find peace through yoga in our yoga room, where our guided yoga classes take place.
  • Modern fitness room: If you want to train your body, there is a fitness room with various strength training equipment to improve your condition or gain new strength.
  • Multi-day coaching: At Casa León Royal Retreat, our experts await you to improve your stay. Herminia Michiels is responsible for our coaching experiences, changing habits and achieving results. Use coaching to overcome your inner blocks and live the life you dream of. We offer 3-, 6- and 10-day coaching programs.

Spa & wellness hotel to feel good

Your journey to holistic well-being begins at Casa León Royal Retreat!

  • Infinity pool: Sunbathe or enjoy a refreshing dip in our infinity pool with views of the south of the island, including Maspalomas beach.
  • Sauna Discover our sauna and revitalize your body and mind. A sauna treatment helps to relieve stress, reduce toxins in the body, stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and improve overall cardiovascular health.
  • Holistic massagesWe offer massages and treatments that focus on the inner chakras to improve the flow of energy. With the corresponding colors of the individual chakras and healing stones, we can positively influence these chakras, induce deep relaxation and come into harmony with mind and soul.

Yoga retreat on Gran Canaria

In our warm and cozy room you can enjoy guided yoga classes – individually or in a group. A world of relaxation, meditation, balance and harmony, where you can unwind and improve your energy and physical well-being. Our yoga teacher Herminia, with her many years of renowned experience, will advise you on how to increase your vitality: With hatha yoga classes, breathing workshops, guided meditations, Thai massages or a wide range of holistic treatments.

Yoga is an activity with numerous health benefits. Some of the most important benefits of yoga are

  • Improved breathing
  • Strengthens self-confidence
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to relax
  • Promotes digestion and sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

These advantages, together with the immense tranquillity of the Casa León Royal Retreat, offer us an unbeatable environment in which to unwind from everyday life and achieve a level of self-concentration unimaginable anywhere else.

Find new life energy with a retreat on Gran Canaria

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often lose ourselves in the demands of the outside world and disconnect from our inner self. This is exactly where the transformative experience of a retreat in our exclusive accommodation comes in.

Why should you embark on this adventure of self-discovery?

1. escape the routine:

During the retreat, we give you the opportunity to escape the hectic routine and find a place of peace. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can immerse yourself in a tranquil environment that nourishes your soul and allows you to reconnect with yourself.

2. renew your life energy:

Recharging your batteries is important to maintain a healthy balance in life. During the retreat, you will immerse yourself in rejuvenating practices, from guided meditation to revitalizing yoga exercises. You will experience a complete renewal of your life energy so that you can face the challenges of everyday life with a new perspective.

3. find inner peace:

Inner peace is a priceless treasure in the midst of chaos. At Casa León Royal Retreat, we offer you a sacred space where you can explore your inner world, find serenity and release accumulated stress. Spiritual and meditative practices will guide you into a state of peace that will last long after the retreat.

4. connection with nature:

Nothing refreshes the spirit more than a connection with nature. Surrounded by tranquil surroundings and inspiring landscapes, you will experience a deep connection with the world around you. Nature acts as a catalyst for reflection and introspection, creating an environment that is conducive to your spiritual journey.

5. personal development:

A retreat is an opportunity for personal growth and expansion of consciousness. Through specialized workshops, teachings and mindful activities, you will have the opportunity to discover new perspectives, skills and tools that will enhance your holistic development.

6. holistic well-being:

At Casa León Royal Retreat, we take care of your holistic well-being. From conscious cooking to self-care, we offer you a holistic experience that nourishes not only your body, but also your mind and soul. Experience a complete transformation that will last long after your stay with us.

7. time to think:

In the daily maelstrom, we often lack the time to think about our lives and our goals. A retreat offers you the space and tranquillity to reflect on your path, make clear resolutions and define your goals with greater clarity.

Gran Canaria as a feel-good place to escape from everyday life

Fancy exploring and being physically active? Then take advantage of our tennis courts at the resort, the numerous golf courses on the island or explore the surrounding mountains on foot or by bike! Gran Canaria is not called a “miniature continent” for nothing. Discover all kinds of landscapes and places with different orography.

There are green forests full of fauna and flora in the highest and most mountainous areas, as well as areas reminiscent of the Sahara desert on the south coast of the island. Gran Canaria offers completely different climate zones within a distance of only 20-30 minutes by car. But not only that changes, but also the vegetation and the architectural panorama . Around 14 microclimates on just 50 km² have created incredibly different landscapes on this small island, giving it its uniqueness. The south has a drier climate, which is also due to the winds from the Sahara, while the north has a more humid climate.


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Most interesting places for your retreat on Gran Canaria

  • Roque Nublo: Situated at an altitude of 1813 meters above sea level, this is an incredible place to enjoy a relaxing sunset with a view of Mount Teide in the background while breathing in the peace and nature.
  • Llanos de la Mimbre: If we want to experience nature even more intensively, we can visit the viewpoint of the Llanos de la Mimbre in the Tamadaba Natural Park. From this viewpoint we can see both Tenerife and the entire north of the island of Gran Canaria including the Puerto de las Nieves. This viewpoint is an extraordinary place to connect with yourself and do yoga with the incredible views.
  • Puerto de Mogán: Ein weiterer interessanter Ort ist der Puerto de Mogán, ein charmanter Ort, der ein wenig an Venedig erinnert, da er als das Venedig des Südens bekannt ist. Dieses Fischerdorf hat ein einzigartiges Design und verfügt über einen Hafen mit Restaurants und Bars, in denen man einen Drink genießen kann.

Well-being garden

Entspannen fast wie im Garten Eden

There are few places where you can find gardens with magical corners where mind, body and soul are surrounded by so much peace.

Casa León Royal Retreat’s manicured gardens consist mainly of native Canarian flora.

The colors are maintained throughout the year and from there you can enjoy a wonderful view of Maspalomas.

It is, of course, the favorite place of some birds that have also chosen us as their little family and live in perfect harmony with us.

Together with you, we set the course for a balanced everyday life that simply does you good. You will be amazed at how much energy and joy are slumbering inside you.

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