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Holger Schmidt

Our magic at the stove – Holger Schmidt we owe our fantastic cuisine.
Holger Schmidt has won several awards and has a professional background that distinguishes each of his dishes. No detail escapes him and he is ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Born in Lower Saxony, he trained as a chef in Germany and worked until 2005 in various hotels and high-class restaurants as well as in his own company. This year he moved to the north of Spain, where he got to know the delicacies of the cuisine of this country. In 2011 he moved to Casa León, where he is surrounded by a very professional team as head chef.

The consideration of food intolerances or special wishes is absolutely important for him- Talk to us.


"Come with me on a journey of pleasure and discover the vital cuisine of Casa León Restaurante "

Holger Schmidt - chef