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Here home finds a home

Discover the unique combination of fine wines and outstanding cuisine at the Casa León Royal Retreat restaurant.

The spacious terrace with its fantastic panorama and a view all the way to the sea makes dining at Casa León Royal Retreat something special. Especially the rich breakfast is always served outside, regardless of the season.

The sunset gives the Casa León restaurant a particularly calm and tranquil ambience. Watch the twinkling lights of the Maspalomas coastline from the comfortable sofas on the terrace, then enjoy a nightcap in front of the crackling fire in the courtyard.

Regional ingredients

A creative and light cuisine with fresh ingredients from the region distinguishes us.

Seasonal flavors

Chef Holger Schmidt emphasizes a seasonally oriented “Cuisine Vitale” rich in aromas.

Spanish roots

Whether front cooking at the barbecue grill, the culinary treasures of our cuisine always show influences from the surrounding area.

"Discover the unique
Combination of selected wines
and our outstanding cuisine"

Holger Schmidt - chef

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culinary creations

Healthy cuisine at the highest level

Our cuisine is known for its creativity and lightness, and our chef Holger Schmidt has created an innovative form of “vital cuisine” that focuses on aromatic and seasonal ingredients. We use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients in the preparation of our dishes and avoid the use of finished products 100%. The carefully selected ingredients are lovingly prepared and guarantee a unique palate experience.

Food and drink connects

Contemplative atmosphere at sunset

Our spacious terrace offers a gorgeous panoramic view all the way to the sea, making dining at Casa León Royal Retreat an unforgettable experience. The rich breakfast is always served outside, regardless of the season, to give you the feeling of freedom and closeness to nature.

During dusk, the restaurant gives a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, which you can enjoy from our bar on the terrace.


Dinner Casa León Restaurante

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Reserve a table in the quiet and tranquil ambience of Casa León Restaurante and enjoy our vital cuisine.